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Complete Hygiene for Everyday Living

Eliminates 99.9% of Bacteria with Sanitize Wash

Check out more benefits of all in one washer dryer
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SaniCare 11/7kg Washer-Dryer - Whirlpool Singapore
SaniCare 11/7kg Washer-Dryer
  • Sanitize Wash
  • Hot Air Refresh
  • Drum Sterilization

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$ 1,579.00

$ 1,500.00

SaniCare 8/5kg Washer-Dryer - Whirlpool Singapore
SaniCare 8/5kg Washer-Dryer
  • Sanitize Wash
  • Hot Air Refresh
  • Drum Sterilization

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$ 969.00

$ 921.00

PureCare+ Washer Dryer 8/5kg - Whirlpool Singapore
PureCare+ Washer Dryer 8/5kg
  • PureCare+ Program
  • Flexible Installation
  • Wash & Dry 60'

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$ 909.00

$ 864.00

FreshCare+9/6kg Washer-Dryer - Whirlpool Singapore
WWDH 9614W
9/6kg Washer-Dryer
  • 6TH SENSE Technology
  • SENSE Inverter Motor
  • FreshCare+

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$ 1,499.00

8/6kg Washer-Dryer - Whirlpool Singapore
8/6kg Washer-Dryer
  • SENSE Inverter Motor
  • 45' Quick Wash & Dry
  • Wool Program

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$ 1,099.00

7/5kg Washer-Dryer - Whirlpool Singapore
7/5kg Washer-Dryer
  • 6TH SENSE Technology
  • FreshCare+
  • Colour 15°

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$ 1,309.00

$ 1,244.00

Advanced Motor For a Long Lasting Quiet Performance

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Innovative All-In-One Washer Dryers From Singapore’s Home Appliance Experts

Time spent doing laundry is time you are not spending doing the things you love, whether it be some quality time with your family or a much-needed rest after a long day of work. That is why it is critical to choose a washing machine that is designed with you in mind, capable of performing to an exceptional standard without any hassle, confusion, or guesswork. With Singapore offering a range of washing machines on sale, a combined washer and dryer from Singapore’s leaders in home appliances can make all the difference in the world.

Are you looking to save space at home or save precious time spent doing household chores? Investing in a Whirlpool washer dryer will kill two birds with one stone. It equates to a tidy, spacious home, and more quality time with your family and a much-needed rest after a long day of work as no changeover required between washing and drying since the appliance can be set to run both washing and drying functions one after another. That is why choosing the best washer dryer that fits your household, and offers superior performance with excellent results is important. Check out an all-in-one washer dryer from Whirlpool Singapore that offers space-efficiency and advanced laundry solutions without compromising on performance.

Revitalise Your Laundry Routine with Faster, Quieter Washing Machines with Dryer

Hassle-free laundry turns from pipe dream to reality with Whirlpool washing machines, dryers, and combinations that run quieter, faster, and more efficiently than ever.

Leading the Washer And Dryer Industry With World-Class Innovations - When Expert Washing Meets Expert Drying

FreshCare+: Enjoy soft, fresh clothes up to 6 hours after the conclusion of a washing cycle thanks to gentle, calculated tumbling and precision steam jets that circulate air, maintain humidity and repel odours for hours. FreshCare+ is proven to alleviate 99.9% of pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and other major allergens.

SenseInverter Motor: The powerful, advanced SenseInverter Motor drives the high performance Whirlpool washer and dryers. With the help of the brushless technology and the inverter control, our washer dryer is renowned for with the added benefit of quieter operation compared to a universal motor. Its long-lasting durability is also capable of supporting a range of wash and dry programmes.

SoftMove: The precise SoftMove technology, powered by a SenseInverter motor, allows the drum to perform an exclusive set of 7 specific movements. These are able to adapt to the frequency and duration set for every fabric type and washing phase, ensuring impeccable results and perfect care of garments, colours, and shapes.

45 Minute Program: Need your favourite outfit in a rush? Our 45-minute wash and dry cycle delivers amazing results with incredible speed, ensuring no last-minute wardrobe headaches for work or play.

Additional Benefits of Washer and Dryer Combinations

  • Being a combo appliance, it takes up half the footprint in the kitchen
  • Washing capabilities in the washer dryer are comparable to the stand-alone washers
  • Washing and drying function can be used separately upon easy configuration
  • Cabinet-sized appliance makes it easily portable and fits seamlessly at any part of the kitchen
  • Advanced technology allows you to customise speed of washing and drying, for instance, with the use of a delay timer to configure load finishing at a time you are ready

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