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The Perfect Balance of Intuition,

Performance and Design

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W7 OM4 4S1 P BL
73L Pyrolytic Oven
  • 6TH SENSE Technology
  • Cook4
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning

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UP: $ 1,999.00

$ 1,699.00

73L iXelium Oven
  • Cook3
  • Ready2cook
  • iXelium

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UP: $ 1,469.00

$ 1,199.00

AKP 744 IX
65L StarClean Oven
  • Starclean

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UP: $ 799.00

$ 649.00

71L Pyrolytic Oven
  • Cook3
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning
  • Large Cavity

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UP: $ 1,199.00

$ 899.00

From Starters to Desserts, All at Once

Cook4 function provides a level of flexibility for consumers to cook up to 4 types of dishes at the same time without mixing the flavours or aromas.

High Temperature for effortless dirt removal

With Pyrolytic self-cleaning mode using ~470°C all food residue are turned into ashes which can be easily wiped away with a damp sponge.

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Cutting-edge Structure and
Surface Technology

Whirlpool oven features iXelium patented technology which has higher scratch resistance ability. iXelium is incredibly easy to clean and stays beautiful over time.

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No Pre-heating, Unbeatable Energy and Time Savings

The Ready2Cook functions uses a powerful convection system that allows cooking without pre-heating the oven. An efficient airflow distribution system enables savings of up to 20% energy* and up to 25% of the time.
*With reference to the average energy consumption of a Whirlpool equivalent appliance in A class.

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The Perfect Balance Between Performance and Simplicity

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