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Freshcare+ 8kg Heat Pump

  • Freshcare+

    100% freshness, even if you forget to unload.

  • 6th Sense

    The intelligence behind outstanding drying results.

  • Refresh

    Say Goodbye to bad odours.

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All the space needed for your laundry


Discover a new dimension of freshness

Dry your clothes at your own convenience. Whirlpool FreshCare+ dryer keeps clothes soft and fresh for hours after the cycle is complete protecting them from odours and creasing. Unloading the dryer is no longer so urgent and it’s finally possible to better manage your free time without giving up on freshness. The 99%* bacterial prevention allows your laundry to stay odourless and wrinkle-free for up to 6 hours.

*Up to 99% anti-bacterial ability for 6 hours after cycle ends using Freshcare+ function, as tested by Italian research organization Innovhub-SSI. Not compatible with programmes designed for delicate garments and with extra and cupboard drying levels.

6TH Sense Technology

The intelligence behind outstanding drying results

Thanks to 6TH SENSE Technology, the dryer automatically detects the amount of laundry and, according to the fabric type, chooses the best cycle ensuring great drying performance together with care for garments and efficiency in terms of time and resource optimization.


Forget Odours & Creases in Just 20 Minutes

Revitalize your clothes and items in just 20 minutes with the Refresh function. The flow of fresh air helps to regenerate freshness by penetrating into the fibers of your laundry. This program effectively removes odours, relaxes fibers and smooths creases.

All the space needed for your laundry

Inverter Motor

Inverter brushless motor minimizes vibrations and noise, enabling quiet operation

Motor control drives smoother operation by utilizing the inverter board to drive the motor to minimize vibration. This allows us to change speed while keeping low vibrational output of the motor. The optimization of the speed of the motor throughout the cycle allows for quiet operation while maintaining cycle drying efficiency.


Customised drum movements for a tailored care of garments

SoftMove provides tailored movements for your clothes improving drying uniformity. The technology allows a better distribution of the garments inside the drum avoiding in this way a “tangled-ball” creation effect. The fibers are more relaxed ensuring better circulation of airflow and complete evaporation of moisture.

Woolmark Blue

The beauty of wool always preserved

The FreshCare+ tumble dryer allows to easily and safely dry all woolen garments. The machine is equipped with the wool cycle which guarantees delicate drying that respects the beauty of the finest woolen sweaters labeled “hand wash”, maintaining them soft and smooth as new.

Easy Clean Condenser

Clean Your Filter Effortlessly

Save time and effort when it comes to removing fluff in the condenser as the ergonomic handle is designed to easily extract the filter with a simple pull and clean it in no time.


  • 8kg Heat Pump
  • Brushless Inverter motor
  • Energy efficiency Rating (MELS): 5 Ticks
  • Product dimension (WxDxH): 595 x 649 x 849mm

  • Freshcare+
  • 8kg Capacity
  • Refresh
  • Easy Clean Filter
  • Softmove
  • Woolmark Blue

  • Freshcare+
  • Start Delay 1-24h
  • Dryness Level
  • Timed Drying
  • Rapid

  • Eco Cotton
  • Synthetics
  • Delicates
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Coloured
  • Rapid 30'
  • Refresh
  • Mixed
  • Bed Linen
  • Shirts
  • Sports
  • Duvet
  • Jeans
  • Easy Ironing


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