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Built-in 73L 6TH SENSE Oven with Pure SteamSense+

  • 6TH SENSE Technology

    No more guesswork. Simply pick your recipes, and let 6TH SENSE cook them to perfection, every time. Up to 60 cooking recipes, organized to fit your lifestyle and diet, for a full assisted cooking experience.

  • Pure SteamSense+

    100% Steam Cooking preserves nutrients at best and the Combi Steam cooks delicately reducing cooking time.

  • Forced Air + Steam

    Combining the properties of steam with forced air, this function allows you to cook dishes pleasantly crispy and browned outside, but at the same time tender and succulent inside.

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Pure SteamSense+

Enjoy tastier and healthier meal outcomes with the Pure SteamSense+ function, which uses delicate 100% steam cooking to preserve nutrients while reducing cooking time for your meals.

Forced Air + Steam

The Forced Air + Steam function offers 3 levels of steaming: High (75%), Mid (50%) and Low (25%) that reduce cooking time while providing for crispy and moist meal outcomes.

6TH SENSE Technology

Effortless cooking. The 6TH SENSE Technology comes with up to 60 cooking recipes that assist you fully with meal preparation for ideal cooking results.

Assisted Display

Useful instructions, suggestions and images are displayed with clarity through the oven's 16-colour 3.5" touchscreen display thanks to its slideshow capability, helping to assist users as they cook.

*WiFi feature is not available in the Asia Pacific Region.


The Cook4 function offers you the ability to prepare 4 meals at the same time effortlessly without mixing aromas or tastes together.

*Only caters to certain dishes.

Telescopic Rails

Reposition drip trays and wire shelves with minimal effort using the oven's telescopic rails. Accessories can be inserted and removed effortlessly as well, allowing for greater user control over the cooking process.

Soft Closing

The oven door closes with minimal noise and effort thanks to the slow-closing hinges present on it.


The Ready2Cook function heats your oven up to the optimal temperatures without needing to preheat, helping you save 25% of your time as well as 20% energy.

Smart Clean

Keep your oven clean without any detergent with the Smart Clean function, which uses a dedicated cleaning cycle that cleans your oven thoroughly while removing odours in just 35 minutes. The function works by pouring 200ml of drinking water on the bottom of the oven before activating it.

W Collection Aesthetic

A product of fine craftsmanship, the W Collection's details help it look timeless and seamless when paired with other appliances when placed into any kitchen. Its finishes are designed to be resistant to unwanted smudges or fingerprints that ensure an easy cleaning experience.


  • Color/Finish: Fingerprint Resistant Black Glass
  • Display: 16-colour 3.5" TFT screen
  • Control: LCD Touch Control
  • Door/Handle Design: Triple Glass Soft Closing Door with Stainless Handle
  • Cavity Type: Enamelled
  • Capacity: 73 litres
  • Cooking Shelves: 5 shelves
  • Cleaning: Smart Clean (Hydrolytic)
  • Weight: 40.5kg
  • Product Dimension (WxHxD): 595 x 595 x 564mm (*543mm)
  • Cut Out Dimension (WxHxD): 560-568 x 583-585 x 550mm
  • Accessories: Wire Shelf, Baking Tray x 1, Steam Tray x 1, Telescopic Rails x 2, Drip Tray x 1
  • Heating Methods: Fast Preheat, Conventional, Grill, Turbo Grill, Forced Air, Convection Bake, Steam, Eco Forced Air
  • Heating Temperature: 90°C to 250°C

  • 6TH SENSE Technology
  • Cook4
  • Defrost
  • Keep Warm
  • Rising
  • Convenience
  • Maxi Cooking
  • Slow Cooking
  • Frozen Bake

  • Kitchen Timer
  • Control Lock
  • Light
  • Favorites
  • Audible Signals


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