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AKP 744 IX

65L StarClean Oven

  • Starclean

    The first environmentally-friendly technology that cleans the oven automatically while avoiding the use of detergents. A special coating preserves the shine of the cavity and an exclusive dirt-repellent nano-treatment makes the glass door crystal clear.


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Superior Cooking Performance

Outstanding cooking results become easier than ever. A complete range of cooking functions will guide consumers to master chef results: tenderness inside, ideal crispiness outside, in a few simple gestures. The new range of built-in ovens by Whirlpool is elegantly designed to deliver a neat and refined coordinated look.


With 5 different functions, the oven equips you to prepare dishes for different occasions.

Premium Design and Aesthetics

Whirlpool has devoted over a century of research and expertise to give its consumers more free time, allowing them to make the most of it, choosing to do what really matters to them. We achieved this by developing the most intuitive and advanced tools which understand and adapt to our consumers’ needs, providing a seamless user experience. We remove the guesswork and ensure consumers always have the best. Our state-of-the-art technology offers advanced performances and maximum results with minimum effort; our cutting edge design perfectly fits and enhances the style of any home.

65L Cavity

A spacious 65L cavity and multi-positionable shelves at four different heights. Whirlpool oven range allows a flexible use of the internal oven space to enjoy limitless cooking.


Quick, Efficient and Eco-Friendly Cleaning


StarClean is the first environmentally-friendly technology that brings a significant improvement to oven cleaning and avoids the use of detergents. It consists of a special coating that preserves the shine of the cavity, always giving the best cleaning performance. Furthermore, an exclusive dirt repellent nano-treatment makes the glass door crystal clear.

StarClean technology

Place the provided cloth at the bottom of the oven, pour 350ml of water onto the cloth and set the StarClean cycle. It works for 20 minutes at 90° C, and spends 15 minutes cooling down. You can then easily wipe the oven clean with a wet sponge. Compared to pyrolytic cleaning, StarClean saves 95% in energy and ensures the best cleaning results.

AKP 744 IX

  • 65 Litres Capacity
  • Electronic and mechanical knob control with LED display
  • 5 Multi-function
  • Convention, grill, turbo grill, convection bake, defrost
  • StarClean
  • 4 shelf positions
  • 25W Incandescent Light x 1
  • Double glazed glass door
  • Flat enamel cavity
  • Europe energy class A
  • Accessories: grid x 1, tray x 2


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