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73cm 2 Zone Induction Hob

  • Schott Ceran Glass

    An environmentally friendly innovation, Schott glass cooktop is resistant to hard knocks and high temperatures (up to 700°C).

  • Residual Heat Indicator

    The Residual heat indicator lights up after cooking until the hob surface cools down to a touch-safe temperature.

  • Power Management

    When the two burners work together, the hob automatically controls the total combined power to prevent overworking the hob and causing short circuits.


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We have brought together excellent cooking results and extreme accuracy in a sleek, elegant and essential design. The new set of induction hobs by Whirlpool will bring consumers into a new era, allowing them to cook everything in a smart and simple way. A large range of preselected cooking modes is now easily available, thanks to the intuitive user interface. A true revolution of cooking.


The FlexiCook system automatically and continuously senses the pan, allowing you to move it across the whole flexible cooking zone and it stays detected, creating the ideal cooking space for pots and pans of varying sizes.

Touch Control

Reliability and durability

Premium Quality and High Reliability

Schott Ceran Glass

Schott Ceran Glass is significantly more scratch-resistant than an ordinary glass-ceramic cooktop.


A maximum 99 minutes timer could be set to switch off the cooking zone automatically when time is up.

Residual Heat Indicator

The Residual heat indicator will light up after cooking has ended until the hob surface cools down to a touch-safe temperature.

Superior Performance

FlexiCook combines 2 cooking zone and intuitively creates the ideal space to prepare even the biggest meals. Each cooking area can also be independently selected giving you maximum control for the best results.

Energy and Time Efficient

Induction technology generates heat directly to the pan, in this way less than 10% of the energy used is lost to the surrounding atmosphere and 90% of the energy is used for cooking. Whirlpool induction hob allows you to save up 40%* energy and 50%* boiling time.


Whirlpool induction hob with the Eco Booster function helps to prepare food and boils water with lower energy consumption. It will boost up to the maximum heat and bring the pot to boiling level before reducing to simmering, which reduces up to 10% energy consumption.

Safety Assurance

Premium Quality and High Reliability

Safe to use - non heating up

Child Safe

The Child lock can be activated to lock up the panel and to prevent any changes or interruptions to the cooking program.


Easy to clean

Energy and Time Efficient


  • 2 induction cooking zones
  • Total power: 3.4kW
  • Electronic touch control
  • 9 power levels with precise control
  • Power on indicator
  • Timer (1-180 mins.)
  • Child lock
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Automatic pan detection
  • Power Management
  • Environmental friendly black Schott glass


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