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FSCR 10431

SupremeCare 10kg Washer, 1400 rpm

  • 6TH SENSE Technology

    An intelligent wash for improved savings

  • ZEN Direct Drive Motor

    As silent as a whisper

  • Precision Clean

    Precise water jets for an extra deep clean with extra care

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ZEN Technology

As silent as a whisper

The Zensational Silence

With a new design and ZEN direct drive motor, the SupremeCare washer offers excellent sound management, producing only 49dB(A) sound level during the wash cycle and 67dB(A) during spinning.

ZEN Technology

Quiet, Efficient, Steady (Less vibration)


Universal Motor

Noise is spread through the motor to the whole machine

Whirlpool SupremeCare Zen Direct Drive Motor

ZEN Direct Drive Motor

Outstanding performance in laundry care

The SupremeCare washer direct drive motor connects directly to the drum - which means movement and speed can be adjusted to cater to different fabric types for outstanding performance in laundry care.

Whirlpool Zen Technology

ZEN Design

Highly innovative and robust design

The science of ZenTechnology's supremely quiet cycles comes from a highly innovative and robust design. Vibrations and motor noise are minimised through ingenious use of materials and design.

Whirlpool SupremeCare Quiet Mark

Sound Engineering

Exceptional noise cancelling power

Through clever design and use of materials, including an additional foam insulator, we have developed a washing machine with exceptional noise cancelling power.

An Intelligent Wash

for improved savings

Whirlpool 6TH SENSE Technology utilises intelligent sensors to automatically control resource for maximum efficiency every wash. These sensors also actively adjust the optimal drum speed based on the laundry load to ensure gentle but thorough cleaning.

Whirlpool 6th Sense

6TH SENSE Speed Adaptation

Based on load and programme, the 6TH SENSE Technology automatically manages the speed of drum rotations for efficient cleaning while protecting your laundry.

Whirlpool 6th Sense

More Energy Savings Then Ever

The savings on electricity, water and time has earned SupremeCare washer the A+++ European Union Energy Rating that is a testament to its commitment to the protection of the environment as well as a low running cost wash after wash.


The softest touch for your laundry

Every design and programme revolves around providing optimum cleaning results while making sure that your laundry is treated with the utmost care.

Whirlpool SupremeCare Fabric Care

Colours Care

A suite of programmes and options specifically designed to take care of colours. Colours 15° Plus is the ideal option to preserve bright colours whereas Biostain 15° is perfect for treating the toughest stains with cold water.

Whirlpool SupremeCare Fabric Care

Shape Care

A series of special treatments to make your garments last longer: Shape Care is ideal to avoid wrinkles, Hot Finish is perfect for relaxing fibres before spinning and Wave Spinning adds a pulsing effect to let the fibres breathe.

Whirlpool SupremeCare Fabric Care

Fibers Care

The new drum pattern ensures total care for your clothes. Moreover, the drum performs a range of specific movements tailored to each type of fabric.


Precise water jets for an extra deep clean with extra care.

Spray Wash

A mix of water and detergent is injected directly into the fibres through a spray nozzle. This allows dramatic improvements to the detergent efficacy on stain removal and also reduces water usage by up to 30%1.

*In the Eco cotton programme with 4kg minimal load.

Spray Rinse

During every rinsing phase, water and softener are injected directly into the laundry in an even distribution, resulting in a more efficient and gentle rinse with remarkable water savings, without leaving any residual detergent.

FSCR 10431

  • Capacity: 10kg
  • Maximum Spin Speed: 1,400rpm
  • Water Efficiency Rating (Singapore WELS): 4 Ticks
  • Energy Efficiency (Europe): A+++
  • Product Dimension WxDxH (mm): 595 x 640 x 850
  • EAN Code: 8003437261732

  • 6TH SENSE Technology
  • ZEN Direct Drive Motor
  • Smart Touch LED Screen
  • Colours 15°
  • Bio Stains 15°
  • Hot Finish
  • Fresh Care: up to 6 hours
  • Soil Option
  • Intensive Rinse Option
  • Rapid Wash Option
  • Pre Wash
  • Water Temperature Selection: cold water -95°C
  • Spin Speed Adjustment
  • Dosing Aid
  • Preset Finishing Time: up to 23:30 hours
  • Key Lock
  • Energy / Water Consumption Monitor

  • Shirts
  • Duvet
  • Bed Linen
  • Cashmere
  • Sport
  • Jeans
  • Baby Items
  • Mini Load


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