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Patented 3Dry technology

Uniform drying even on bulky items

with extraordinary energy efficiency

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Freshcare+ 9kg Auto Clean Heat Pump Dryer
  • Duo Filter
  • 3Dry Technology
  • Freshcare+

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$ 2,499.00

6TH Sense SupremeCare 9kg, Heat Pump Dryer
  • 6TH SENSE 3Dry Technology
  • Freshcare+ Technology
  • Woolmark Certification (Blue)

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$ 1,799.00

Freshcare+ 9kg, Heat Pump Dryer
  • Freshcare+ Technology
  • Woolmark Certification (Blue)
  • Easy Cleaning Filter

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$ 1,715.00

Freshcare+ 8kg, Heat Pump Dryer
  • Freshcare+
  • 6th Sense
  • Refresh

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$ 1,261.00

Professional 15kg, Air- Vented Dryer
  • AutoDry
  • Fluff Air
  • Wrinkle Shield

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$ 1,452.00

Stacking kit with drawer Fits 60cm x 60cm appliances

$ 140.00

Universal Stacking Kit Fits any appliances depth 45cm - 60cm

$ 110.00

Best in Class Heat Pump Dryer

Using the delicate power of steam for perfect shapes while providing supreme care for your fabrics with the most energy efficient technology.

Softmove Drum

Gives a smooth tumble of motion to ensure your fabric is treated with gentle care.

3Dry technology

Blows tridimensional hot air to ensure fabrics are gently and evenly dried.

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Freshcare+ Technology

Prevents up to 99% bacteria growth for the utmost hygiene care

Simply beautiful, beautifully simple

Delicate care for your wool garments with Woolmark Blue certification

Simply beautiful, beautifully simple

Hassle-free cleaning of the filter for dryer to work at its best performance

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Power Drying
Air Vented Dryer

The most cost-friendly dryer with 15 drying cycles for a wide variety of fabrics.

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Cutting-Edge Clothes Dryers from The Most Innovative Laundry Brand in Singapore

Give your clothing the treatment it deserves with a modern clothes dryer from Whirlpool.Our brand brings superior results to your laundry through advanced features, patented technology, and chic aesthetics in Singapore. Not only energy efficient, it also provides supreme care for your laundry with precise drying. With a carefully considered design, even your most delicate garments are well-taken care of with our innovative dryers. Browse our range to discover various drying technology, and different load capacities, you will find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Bulky Items can be Dried Evenly with 6th Sense 3DRY Technology

Three-dimensional airflow allows for an even, gentle, and consistent heat distribution throughout the clothes dryer for loads of any size in Singapore. Even bulky items such as bed linens can be thoroughly dried thanks to the empowered 6th Sense 3Dry technology.

Gentle-Care Treatment by Whirlpool SoftMove

Softmove ensures better distribution of the clothes in the drum, the clothes are thus more relaxed with better circulation of airflow. What’s more, our lifter is rounded in design, caring for your clothes, and minimising the impact during lifting and dropping of laundry in the drum.

Say Goodbye to Clothes Wrinkles with SteamCare

Thanks to the SteamCare feature, you can now enjoy fresh, ready-to-wear garments with the natural power of steam, that provides a fresh and de-wrinkling effect to minimise ironing.

Hygiene Care with 6th Sense FreshCare+

A unique feature that works through intelligent temperature control and a delicate tumbling action that prevents bacteria growth, eliminating bad odours, and minimising wrinkles formed for up to 6 hours after the drying cycle ends.This feature provides you with convenience as you can leave your clothes in the laundry without having to wait until the end of the cycle to unload your clothes immediately.

Large drum size

Larger drum size with wider door opening means you can load and dry more in your clothes dryer in a single cycle and easily unload your clothes without any sacrifice on results.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

Thanks to the 6th Sense proprietary technology, our dryer is able to recognise the amount of laundry and set the right drying time accordingly. This ensures great drying performance together with maximum saving and care for your garments, in addition to delivering the maximum energy efficiency.

No Fear to Dry Wool Garments with Whirlpool Clothes Dryer in Singapore

A dedicated wool care programme is included to pay special attention to protect your delicate wool garments. Thanks to 6th Sense technology, it detects and adapts to the drying cycle by using controlled low temperature, slow drum movement, and a unique dynamic airflow, to ensure wool clothing is dried evenly, without the risk of over-drying, preserving the beauty of your wool.

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