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60cm 15 Place Setting Free-standing Dishwasher

  • 6TH SENSE Technology

    With 6TH SENSE technology, it automatically senses how dirty the dishes are and adapts the cycle time and water pressure accordingly. It ensures to provide the perfect performance with water, energy & time saving.

  • Power Clean Pro

    Powerful water jets on the rear of the machine work to deliver supreme cleaning results on the toughest soil.

  • Modular 3rd rack

    The third rack is perfect for accommodating cutlery and utensils and is equipped with sliding modules that allow to easily load higher items on the upper rack.

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Power Clean Pro

The Power Clean Pro technology offers up to 30% more washing space in the lower rack as well as perfect cleaning results by using 60% more powerful water jets to remove tough dirt from all around your dishware.

Three-Layer Spray Arm

The three-layer spray arm provides thorough cleaning for every rack within your dishwasher by spraying them with powerful streams of water on every layer, ensuring they remain clean and spotless.


Thanks to the Maxi-Tub, the dishwasher provides you a larger internal usable space that offers you greater ease and versatility to fit all your soiled dishes within.

Natural Dry

The Natural Dry function can be activated together with most programs alongside the automatic door opening system, providing an enhanced natural drying effect. This system ensures 40% more energy saving* and 99% better drying** results, while providing for a fresher internal space with lesser odours.

*Based on Whirlpool internal testing, the percentage of energy saving & drying results are calculated with DOS vs non-DOS.

**The Sanitization program will not proceed with natural drying due to its high temperature protection, while other programs are set at default from the factory settings.


With 6TH SENSE Technology, the machine automatically senses the dirtiness of your dishes before adapting to the optimal water pressure, water volume and cycle time. This intelligent technology helps you save up to 40%* of your water, time and energy alongside achieving ideal washing results for dishes.

*Based on internal testing. Percentage calculated between the minimum and maximum resources consumption of the 6TH SENSE programme.

Modular 3rd Rack

The third rack provides ideal accommodation for cutleries and utensils, while offering sliding modules that facilitate easy loading of tall items on the upper rack.


The Sanitization option effectively eliminates up to 99.999% bacteria for a greater hygienic cleaning experience overall.

Super Silence

Ideal cleanliness in super silence. The dishwasher comes with the Super Silence option, which minimises the sounds alongside vibrations generated by your machine during the washing and drying process to as low as 41dBA*, eliminating any unwanted noise so you can just enjoy perfect results with a peace of mind.

*Testing results are from Whirlpool lab internally and are applicable to dedicated models only.

Touch Console

The touch console offers you greater accessibility in selecting your desired programs, timing and temperatures on the dishwasher effortlessly.

Water/Energy Efficiency

The dishwasher comes with a multitude of resource-saving functions like Natural Dry, 6TH SENSE and Half Load Cycles that help to save on energy, detergent as well as water costs.

Dual Inverter

The dishwasher's reliable dual inverter BLDC motors ensures that your machine saves more energy while providing a silent washing experience.


  • Colour/Finish: Stainless Steel Color
  • Display: LED Display
  • Control: Touch UI
  • Door/Handle Design: Square
  • Capacity: 15 Place Settings
  • Product dimensions (WxDxH): 600 x 590 x 850mm

  • Eco
  • Auto Intensive
  • Auto Mixed
  • Auto Fast
  • Crystals
  • Rapid
  • Prewash
  • Selfclean

  • 6TH Sense
  • Power Clean
  • Half Load
  • Sanitization
  • Natural Dry
  • Removable Flexible 3rd Rack
  • Removable Upper Rack with Double Cup Shelves and Rubber Mat for Glass Protection
  • Removable Lower Rack with Pan Holder
  • Dual Inverter
  • 15 Place Setting


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