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25L MWO & Grill Trim Kit Microwave Oven

  • Quartz Grill

    Ideal cooking experience. The Quartz Grill reheats and cooks your food faster than a traditional infrared grill.It is resource-efficient, reducing your energy costs, and entirely self-cleaning.

  • Jet Start

    Outstanding reheating speed. The JetStart function boosts the heat inside the oven to the maximum for 30 seconds, providing the ideal temperature to reheat food with high water content such as clear soups or beverages.

  • Jet Defrost

    Fast defrosting. User the unique JetDefrost 3D system to defrost food effectively and with ease in your microwave oven.

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Quartz Grill

The Quartz Grill effectively heats up swiftly (60 seconds) while cooking your meals 3 times quicker with much lower energy consumption, alongside being entirely self-cleaning.

Jet Defrost 3D System

Allows for the selection of food types and weight for rapid heating. Heat is distributed in a uniform manner through the 3D system, providing rapid and even defrosting for dishes.

Jet Start

Heat up soups and drinks swiftly in optimal temperatures with the Jet Start function, which quickly heats up your oven's interior by using maximum power in just 30 seconds.

Dough Rising Function

Easily prepare baked goods. The Dough Rising function allows for effortless preparation of yeast dough for pastries and bread. An internal temperature of 30°C within the oven is maintained through the Special Maxi Chef program for dough to rise.

Yogurt Function

Homemade yogurt can be made with ease by using the Yogurt function with a press of a button.


  • Color/Finish: Black
  • Display: LCD
  • Control: Knob + Sensor Touch
  • Door/Handle Design: Side Opening
  • Cavity Type: Stainless Steel, Auto Clean
  • Capacity: 25 litres
  • Turntable: 284mm
  • Weight: 17.05kg
  • Product Dimension (WxHxD): 594 x 390 x 379mm
  • Accessories: Wire Rack, Glass Turntable, Turntable Support
  • Microwave Power Output: 900W
  • Grill Power Output: 1000W

  • 12 Automatic Menus
  • Grill
  • Jet Defrost
  • Dough Rising
  • Yogurt Function
  • Warm Keeping

  • Quartz Grill
  • Jet Start
  • Jet Defrost
  • Soften/Melt
  • Child Lock
  • Clock
  • Mute
  • Door Open Alert


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